Our Big Dill 🥒 - Free Mystery Box with any Subscription

Pickle lovers rejoice! 🥒 By popular demand, Van Holten's famous pickle is making a triumphant return to the 'Best-of' box! 🎉📦 To amp up the excitement, we're throwing in a free mystery box when you snag a 3, 6, or 12-month subscription! It's a crunch-worthy celebration you won't want to miss. Get ready to pickle up your snack game!


Country Box

us dill pickles

Dill Pickle 🇺🇸

Since 1898, Van Holten's Pickle-In-A-Pouch has been making pickles with the craziest flavours. From dill to tapatio to warheads! See for yourself the savoury dill taste of this pickle. Simply dill-icious!

india kinder creamy

Kinder Creamy 🇮🇳

Familiar but so different! This spoon egg is topped with a "crunchy" layer of puffed rice. Underneath is the familiar milk and cocoa cream. Spooning fun for young and old!

uae kinder crispy

Kinder Schoko-Bons Crispy 🇦🇪

If you love chocolate bonbons, you should definitely not miss this variation! Coated in a crunchy crispy layer with a light cocoa note and filled with a delicately creamy chocolate & milk cream!

australia kinder tronky

Kinder Tronky 🇦🇺

The perfect snack for on the go! The cocoa wafer is filled with a chocolate milk filling with crispy biscuit crumbs hidden inside.

australia m&m

m&m's Bounty 🇦🇺

Inspired by the Bounty chocolate bar filled with coconut and covered in chocolate, the new m&m's creation has been created. Coconut-flavoured chocolate covered in the typical colourful m&m shell!

sweden redbull

Fanta Melon Cream 🇯🇵

Bright, bubbly and instantly refreshing soda, a delicious melon flavoured Fanta originating in Japan.

australia snickers_pods

Snickers Pods 🇦🇺

A crispy baked wafer shell filled with a soft SNICKERS filling of peanut caramel and a delicious milk chocolate topping! Perfect for snacking!

us takis_blue_heat

Takis Blue Heat 🇺🇸

Prepare for a taste sensation in a class of its own with Takis Blue Heat! These blue corn tortilla chips are not for the faint hearted. Dipped in an explosive blend of hot spices and a hint of citrus, they set your taste buds on fire. Crispy, spicy and unforgettable, these chips are the ultimate kick for all adventure seekers. Light the fire inside you with Taki's Blue Heat!

usa snickers_cookie_dough

Snickers Cookie Dough 🇺🇸

Crispy meets creamy: Twix Wafer Roll is the snack for connoisseurs! Wafer rolls with caramel filling, coated in the finest milk chocolate. An irresistible taste experience in a compact form. Perfect for on the go or as a sweet break in between. Twix Wafer Roll makes every bite a highlight!